As the biggest trusted online mall, Blibli offers various high-quality products in collaboration with more than 100.000 business partner specializing in primary needs, electronics along with gadget, daily needs, and lifestyle needs. Blibli’s fast shipping is supported by BES delivery service along with 15 logistics partner, and 20 warehouses, and 32 hubs all around Indonesia‚Äôs largest cities.

Agency: Semut Api Colony

Title: Blibli Friends "Comparison"
Role: Film Director
Service: Promotional Video
Year: 2012

Project Overview

Established in 2011, Blibli is an Indonesian e-commerce focusing in B2B, B2C, dan B2B2C (Business to Business to Consumer) business model. With that their initial steps follow with building a community of online shoppers in the form of Blibli Friends. This project was to campaign the comfort of online shoppers in Blibli as something fairly new in the country back in early 2010s.

The Result

As popularity of YouTube start rising, it is only fair to utilize the channel for mass online viewers as potential audience for Blibli. The video does not only portrays the ease of online shopping, it is also interactive and engaging for the viewers.

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