Indonesia avant-garde fashion bag label coming to age in late 2000

The Mimsy label was established by an Indonesian designer, Christyna Theosa. It all started as a hobby designing clutch bags since she was a student in the graphic department of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, United States. In 2004, she began making her own clutch line under the Mimsy label. Trying her luck by submitting her clutch works into a boutique in Santa Monica, California -it turned out to be a hit! In a relatively short time, the Mimsy brand began to attract customers in the country. Since then, the Mimsy bagcan be found in America (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago), Japan, Malaysia, and of course Indonesia (Grand Indonesia Shopping Town).

Client: Mimsy

Title: Clementine by Mimsy
Services: Fashion video and photo
Role: Film Director and Photographer
Year: 2009

Project Overview

The project brief was a liberating one. Working together with the owner herself for art direction fully depict the identity of the product; the Clementine line, I was able to express myself in the project together with amazing talents and individuals. The photos portray the new emerging fashion-aware young generation as well as the expressive bold middle-aged generation.

The Video

Shot in various locations in Bali, the video intention was to capture not only the project overview above but also give that vibrant energy and colors which is what the brand Mimsy represents.

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