First Video Streaming Platform in Indonesia first started streaming live online in the month of June, 2013. It was the first online streaming focused company in Indonesia with the support of Multivision Plus as one of its shareholder. Combining the massive library of Multivision Plus content, its popularity came as a no surprise.


Product: Website and Mobile Application
Role: Content and Design Manager
Year: 2013 - 2015

Project Initialization

As any startup, the initial first year goal was focused on developing the product and the marketing approach that comes with it once it is launched. One of the main advantage that we had was a great domain name acquired in which means to watch -mostly referred to watching a show.

Growth Stage

In the growth stage after initialization, the path to monetization was not only through on content ads but through exclusivity. “Content is king” idiom holds true in this business, thus for partnership and collaboration was needed to keep providing engaging content. To our benefit, we were able to get insights on popularity of content from our viewers. Our highlight was in our collaboration with NET TV in the show ‘The Remix’ that combines tv shows interaction with digital channel in 2015. In The Remix, viewers were able to stream live, vote, view past episodes, and upload their version of the remix.

Original shows was also available only on the platform.

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