Sentra Batik

Batik – a nation’s pride

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia was firstly formed in 2011-2014 and again in 2019 up to today. Providing a gap in the 2014-2019 period in which President Joko Widodo separated the tasks of the Creative Economy from the Ministry of Tourism and formed the Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf). The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has the vision to make Indonesia a world-class tourism destination. Meanwhile, in the creative economy, a sector that is said to be the backbone of the country, the Ministry has to synergize cooperation between inventors and investors.

Client: PAREKRAF - Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia

Title: Sentra Batik
Role: Film Director
Year: 2012

Project Overview

One of the initiative of the Ministry was to campaign centers of national’s tourism pride which includes traditional crafting, culinary and heritage sites. One of them was Batik -significantly seeing a resurrection and emerging trend nationally and internationally. These videos represents the journey of the people involved in developing the centers and their challenges as Batik artisan.


The journey also covers the documentation for research as well guidance in developing the centers to be able to flourish both for the Batik artisan and meet the Ministry objective for tourist attraction.

Bonus – Director’s Cut

This project was challenging in logistics with the various location and area covered, but yet so rewarding witnessing the richness of the country with its beautiful landscapes, culinary diversity and its friendly people. Few projects become so memorable that will stick with us together, and this was one of them.

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