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mClinica Pharmacy Solutions has created the largest pharmacy network in Southeast Asia by empowering pharmacies to be the center of care. With their digital platform called SwipeRx, they have been able to rapidly connect pharmacists and pharmacy professionals to help them better serve patients and manage their pharmacies.

Company: mClinica

Title: SwipeRx
Product: SwipeRx Mobile App
Role: Head of Digital Platform - SwipeRx
Year: 2017 - 2020

Project Overview

SwipeRx used mobile technology to rapidly connect pharmacists and pharmacy professionals and help them better serve patients and manage their pharmacies. This mobile platforms became a powerful enabler for the entire industry.

SwipeRx is now the largest digital platform of pharmacy professionals in Southeast Asia. It generates insights that enable pharmaceutical manufacturers, consumer healthcare companies and the public sector to:

  • Collaborate more effectively with pharmacies
  • Heighten pharmacy professional education
  • Understand pharmacy professional behavior 
  • Increase product visibility to Increase medication knowledge

The Challenge

Due to the fragmented nature of the pharmacy channel in many Southeast Asian countries, its vast geographical footprint, and niche target market of Pharmacy Professionals -it was a big challenge from the start. How to reach these pharmacy professionals? What are their dire needs to operate their business and serve their patients? How should we approach and deliver the product?

The Approach & Solution

Online marketing was something we approach from the very beginning, that gradually shifted from acquisition-focused to retention-focused campaigns. Apart from that, branding and credibility is essentially important in this niche market. In addition, this highly regulated market differ in each countries. To approach this in our realization to this small group of community (Less than 1 million professionals in the region we operate), we work intensively and partnered with Associations across the region. Forming exclusive collaboration started with offline activities such seminars and now to online in the form of webinars.

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The Adaptation in The Ever Evolving Market

At the end of our first year since the launch of the app in January 2017 in the Philippines and Indonesia market, we have gained essential partnership and strong pharmacy professionals user based. In addition, we have also earned our first international pharmaceutical client to reward our effort. The blueprint then was duplicated in our other markets. The product-market fit serves as well as a niche product and slowly gain trust with other local and international pharmaceutical companies along with NGOs for projects within the app. Due to more clarity of the product to market, pharmacy professionals need, company and NGOs need -mClinica along with SwipeRx adjust and adapt to it swiftly.

Rebranding company's overall business identity
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The Results

Four years certainly has its obstacles and challenges to face. However, we collectively managed to pull together and achieve high results as we push our benchmarks each year. There’s nothing more satisfying to also end a career with a high note and a recognition shared by fellow team mates. However, it is always easy when a job can be rewarding and knowing that you can make a difference by helping and able others. By enabling these professionals, there will be more safety and education to public health.

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